Based in Richmond for the first half of 2015, The Val specialises in cult films, unseen new releases and lost treasures. Screening Friday + Saturday, every week, at Swan Street Chamber Of Commerce.

The Departed Martin Scorsese

Sat 23 May /7pm

At 214 Swan Street Richmond.
Doors open 7pm, film starts 8pm.

In conjunction with Platinum Cellars and Shenanigans Brewing as part of Good Beer Week.

One last hurrah before we wind up this little old project of ours. We're going out with a head-glassing bang and screening Marty Scorsese's modern-day classic The Departed (2006)

Join Adam from Platinum Liquor and Sam & Dan from Shenanigans Brewing at The Val for a one-off beer to be presented: 'BAH'SDIN' is an Irish Style Dry Stout but with a huge American Twist. Said to be a favourite among local Bostonians. Cops, mobsters and micks alike.

$35 (+BF) will get you a ticket to the screening of 'The Departed' a complimentary pint of 'BAH'SDEN' and a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Bar Opens at 7pm and film begins at 8pm.

Seconds and thirds of the beer can be purchased at the bar.


What is a screening at The Val like? Cosy, a little familiar and slightly experimental. Rediscover lost cinema on a big screen, in vintage cinema seats eating an ice-cream sandwich in air-conditioned comfort. Ain't nobody like us.

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